For the Betterment of the Community


Cheswolde Community Association Monthly Meetings Are Held At Falls Village Apartments' Community Hall

Directions to Falls Village Apartments Community Hall:

The Falls Village Apartments complex is situated just north of Cross Country
Boulevard and just east of Greenspring Avenue.  The Community Hall is
located just inside the main entrance to the complex, in the basement of the
first building on the left.

*         If traveling north from the five-way intersection of Greenspring
Avenue, Cross Country Boulevard, and Pimlico Road, bear to the right onto
Pimlico Road as it forks away from Greenspring Avenue.

*         If traveling south on Greenspring Avenue from the Beltway, go just 
beyond the Mount Washington Apartments on your right, and take the "hairpin 
turn" on your left off Greenspring and onto Pimlico Road.

*       On Pimlico Road, turn right into the second wrought iron-gated
entrance into the complex.  The sign at the gated entrance says "Falls
Village of Mount Washington."

*       You may park anywhere, but the parking lot to your left is probably
the most convenient area, because it's adjacent to the Community Hall.  A
sign on the building saying "Community Hall" is just to the right of the
basement-level stairwell.

*       The wrought-iron gate to the complex should be open for the duration
of our meeting.  If, for some reason beyond our control, you find it closed
when you arrive, please do the following:
*       Drive your car up to the post holding the apartment directory.
*       Find the numerical code for the Community Hall and enter the code.
*       The telephone in the Hall will ring; we will answer it and press "9"
        to open the gate for you.



Ronnie Rosenbluth, President