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Cheswolde – Your Neighborhood

MISSION STATEMENT: The objective of the Association is to serve the residents of the Cheswolde area by doing everything reasonable and proper for the preservation, betterment, development, and well-being of the Cheswolde community.



Your Cheswolde Neighborhood Association needs YOU!  Your opinions and participation are important.  Attend some meetings and find out what’s happening in our neighborhood. In recent years your membership dues have given the neighborhood several strategic improvements. The association looks  forward to input from Cheswolde residents about the kinds of things you would like to see happen in our neighborhood.
A great deal of the Cheswolde Neighborhood Association’s time and energy in the past year has been devoted to working with Baltimore City and our neighboring communities in Northwest Baltimore to determine the best ways for the gambling revenues flowing into the city to enhance our community. The recent Baltimore City Planning meeting held at Cross Country Elementary in October was attended by over 700 Northwest Baltimore residents who showed up to vote on the initiatives they felt would best benefit our area. Work on this important initiative is continuing, and will continue for many years. Your involvement and support of these efforts is strongly encouraged. Please join your Cheswolde neighbors as we work through this process for the benefit of our community.
Falls-Village-Apts-Community-CenterYou are invited to come to the monthly community meetings, held the first Wednesday of each month (except July and August) at 7:30 pm, in the Falls Village Apartments Community Center, on Pimlico Rd., just east of Greenspring Ave.  Enter the complex through the second wrought-iron gate on Pimlico Rd; the center is in the basement of the building on your left; plenty of available parking.  Bring a neighbor or two!
The Cheswolde Neighborhood Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 5304

Baltimore, MD 21209

Cheswolde Hotline: 443-743-2625


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Annual membership to the CNA is just $25 per household!